About Us

Amandla Communications

(www.amandlagroup.com) is an innovative global strategic communications consultancy firm based in Jordan and Dubai. Our method for outreach is simple yet sophisticated. We believe that in an era of rapid change and massive innovation in communications and marketing, the traditional methods no longer work. We believe fundamentally that in order for brands to survive let alone flourish, they need to create communities around their proposition a community that turns consumers into brand advocates.

Founded by Ehab Shanti, a communication and outreach specialist with over 15 years experience, and with offices in Amman and Dubai, Amandla combines its extensive international experience with deep local knowledge to deliver tangible results for its clients.


Our Mission is clearly embedded in our name. The word "Amandla" is derived from the Zulu language and means "power." It became the main slogan for the South African people’s struggle for freedom: “power to the people.”Thus, our primary mission is to use the powerful tools of communications to empower communities.

With a full in-house creative and events management capacity, Our Team is comprised of talented individuals dedicated to ensuring our firm provides clients with world-class service. We are motivated by a real passion for creativity and commitment to professionalism. It means commitment to the highest standards of service. It means being happy only when the client is fully satisfied.


Ehab Shanti is a communications expert with over 15 years of experience. He is the President and Founder of Amandla Group (www.amandlagroup.com), which is a strategic communications consulting firm based in Amman and covering the MENA region. Prior to this, he worked as the Head of Communications of the UNDP in Jerusalem, where he served as the Spokesperson of one of the most sensitive offices of the UN. Called by Al-Quds Newspaper as “the dynamite of the artistic movement,” Mr. Shanti has carried out numerous successful artistic and cultural events that attracted international attention including several art auctions and exhibitions in Jerusalem and Dubai. A Canadian of Arab origin, Mr. Shanti has completed most of his education in Canada and holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) from Dalhousie University and several BA’s from Carleton University in Art History, Political Science, and Interdisciplinary Studies (High Honors).  Mr. Shanti has extensive experience in communications and campaign organization including founding the Amandla Forum.


Rula Faraj- Office Director and Events Manager

Zein Rusheidat- Projects Coordinator

Omar Hamdan- Senior Web Developer

Zeina Nahhas- Events and Exhibitions Designer

Khalid Shabsogh- Video and Animation Developer

Neveen Qaqish- Office Manager

Ahmad Yamani- Web and Graphic Designer