Amandla Group

Amandla Communications ( is an innovative global strategic communications consultancy firm based in Jordan and Dubai. Our method for outreach is simple yet sophisticated. We believe that in an era of rapid change and massive innovation in communications and marketing, the traditional methods no longer work. We believe fundamentally that in order for brands to survive let alone flourish, they need to create communities around their proposition a community that turns consumers into brand advocates. Founded by Ehab Shanti, a communication and outreach specialist with over 15 years experience, and with offices in Amman and Dubai, Amandla combines its extensive international experience with deep local knowledge to deliver tangible results for its clients.


Derived from the Arabic word for "house" or "courtyard," the principle aim of this initiative is shedding the global spotlight on the tremendous achievements of Arab designers and artists by creating a common space that serves as a platform for empowering this community. The initiative attracts artists from across the Arab world, with special emphasis on artists from areas of conflict such as Gaza and West Bank, Iraq and Lebanon.

Utilizing the latest developments in communications technology, not only showcases the works and promotes over 300 artists and designers, but it provides them with a portal ( that allows them to create their own sites or shop fronts and sell their works online. focuses on four important pillars of design such as: fashion (including jewelries), art, furniture design and crafts from community empowering projects.

Amandla Forum

The first Amandla Forum took place in the Dead Sea on May 4th, 2010 with rave reviews and has managed to position itself as one of the leading communications forums in the region. Primarily focused on knowledge-sharing through training, the first AF attracted some 20 leading international experts including Thomas Genzemer the CEO of Blue State Digital (the company that organized Obama's online campaign) and Marty Neumeir, a branding guru and author of such best sellers as ZAG and Brand Gap. The second forum is scheduled to take place in June, 2011 in the Dead Sea with an equally impressive line-up of trainers and panelists.

Alaroob aims to be the premier online platform and forum for the empowerment and engagement of women in the Arab world. Serving as a common space and a community of women from across the region to help each other, provides its users with all the knowledge tools that can help them transform their own realities covering such diverse topics as how to develop a business to how to manage a family or overcome domestic challenges. Furthermore, the platform will be the only online site focused on, and developed by, women that has a live webcasting of videos that address the issues that concern women, as well showcase inspirational leaders and ordinary women who have done extraordinary things.