First Annual Amandla Forum Launches at the Dead Sea


AMMONNEWS - The Amandla Forum, a training and knowledge-training, is having its first session at the Dead Sea on May 5-6, 2010.

Under the theme, "Communications for Empowerment", the Amandla Forum has assembled some of the most brilliant minds to train the region's brightest minds in the latest trends in communication. They include renowned brand transformation strategist, Marty Neumeier, author of bestsellers such as BRAND GAP and ZAG, and Thomas Gensemer, the CEO of Blue State Digital, the company that helped organized President Obama's campaign, as well as many more.

From online strategies to CSR to building communications and media skills, the Forum not only covers all facets of communication by the most brilliant speakers, but also offers hands-on practical training that can literally help you to transform your organization.

The Forum will also include a panel to discuss the latest developments in the field of communication in the Arab world. The CEOs of, Yahoo! Middle East, Flip Media and many others will participate in what promises to be an enlightening and animated discussion.

The ultimate aim of the Amandla Forum is to use the latest knowledge in the field of communication for empowerment - of organizations, corporations, individuals and communities. It also aims to build a community of professionals in the region to share knowledge and ideas.

"It is my first time in the Middle East, so I am very excited to share some new ideas about branding and communications. My talk and workshops are about radical differentiation - in a time of increasing noise and clutter in the marketplace, you have to zig when everybody zags," said Marty Neumeier.

The President of the Forum, Ehab Shanti declared in a press conference held today at the Kempinski Hotel that Amandla Forum has attracted some 250 delegates to share notes about the latest developments in communication. "We believe that understanding the science and art of communication can be an empowering if not liberating experience, so we want to make a contribution however modest to bridging this knowledge gap, and inspiring people to seize the available opportunities," he said.

"I'll be talking about how organizations NGOs, governments and corporations alike - can use technology to mobilize social movements. My agency's success, ranging from our well known support of President Obama's '08 campaign to our more recent work with global brands and international organizations, helps demonstrate the incredible power of individuals to create dramatic change. Today, organizations across the world have a clear choice to make -- to either embrace this power or be left behind," said Thomas Gensemer.